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My Emergency Radio- Emergency VHF/UHF Radio

My Emergency Radio- Emergency VHF/UHF Radio

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  • Listen in around the world during an Emergency! Communicate locally and globally with family, friends, and more!
  • 100% Protected from Cyberattacks, Power Grid Failures, EMP's and More!
  • 7-DAY PLUS Battery Life plus OFF THE GRID Charger! Local, Regional and Worldwide communications! *
  • Tune in to Emergency Communications from Governments, Military, Weather, FEMA and More!
  • Easy to use - not your average RADIO you would find in a store! Comes programmed with Emergency frequencies for FEMA, National Guard & more!
  • FREE Shipping Anywhere in the USA!

With the on-going crisis in Europe, the threat of Cyberattacks on the USA, and the uncertainty of WW3 you simply CAN NOT RELY on Cell Phones and Internet for Communications in the Future!

  • These radios are "GRID FREE" with both LOCAL Communication and Worldwide Transmissions possible as well! * We'll even program the frequencies for you!
  • Keep in touch with your friends, family, emergency services - wherever they are located.
  • Talk for DAYS without losing battery charge + included solar charger option!
  • ​Our PROFESSIONAL GRADE Radios are SELLING Fast, sold out MOST PLACES, and available for a limited time with FREE Shipping!


The 2-pack bundle comes with our PROGRAMMING SERVICE!

The 4-pack comes with 1 headset, 1 faraday bag, and 1 solar charger - for EMP protection and off-grid charging.  As well as PROGRAMMING SERVICE!

The 6-pack comes with 1 headset, 1 faraday bag, 1 tactical storage bag, 1 solar charger and our PROGRAMMING SERVICE!